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Are you something to do with Forest Schools?

Adventure Togs have been around for more than 18 years and regularly supply outdoor clothing to Forest Schools. We support the Forest Schools philosophy of education.

It’s a Scandinavian-based idea that recognises the importance of children’s contact with nature, and encourages kids to learn outdoors for a part of the school day. So, you can see the connection – all of that is only possible with the right clothes.

(in the same way we’re connected to Waldorf or Steiner schools, Montessori schools and any approach that takes holistic education seriously)

Where are you?

We’re in Port Talbot in South Wales and we’re all local people working here. You’ve probably heard of Port Talbot because it’s the Welsh home of Tata steel.

How long does my order take?

We usually ship within 24-48 hours.

What if we’re not set up for purchase orders with you?

No problem. Just let us know who to talk to or what you need and we’ll give you our banking and other details.

What payments do you take?

We accept:
Purchase Orders

What’s the buying process?

All of our products are available to view on our sister site, Baby Togs. View the collection here, and contact us for a quote. Our bulk discounts will be applied.

For all other orders:
1. Contact us for a quote
2. We’ll tell you what bulk discounts apply
3. We’ll give you an order form if needed so you can raise a purchase order
4. With the purchase order received we expect to deliver within 3 days

What’s the Guarantee?

All our products are covered by the manufacturer guarantee. If you need help just ask.

Do you offer a bulk discount?

Yes. Get in touch to see what other special discounts are available now and to discuss your large order.

Can we phone you?

Of course. Tel: 01639 282706. If it’s a larger order you probably want to talk about your needs, age groups, budget, funding streams and timetables etc.

What about cheaper outdoor clothing?

For schools and groups it’s hard to find a supplier that differentiates between family clothing that’s suitable for the weekend, and clothing fit for school and group purposes. Cheaper clothing is generally only suitable for occasional use. We supply schools and groups.

Can you send a fabric sample?

Yes. (To save you time most schools, leaders and groups know that with our experience we only source and offer to you the best clothing for the job and your budget).

What’s the practical difference between suits and sets?

All in one suits and sets are the best of both worlds. Snug and dry they give your children head to ankle, protection from the wind, rain and winter cold.
With adult help suits can be the quickest thing to get on and off. Often a more cost effective option for younger children.
Sets are easier for children to put on independently and quick to remove for toilet stops.
Whichever you choose the clothes underneath are likely to spend less time in the washing machine. This makes them perfect for outdoor learning and play.

Do you recommend a particular colour?

Our experience is that most schools and groups want clothing that the children can easily put on and take off themselves. We recommend one colour per size. This means the children know the colour they wear and it helps you sort the clothing too.

Can my school speak to you about something not on your website?

Yes. We regularly get requests for things like adults rucksacks, socks & wellies. If you’re buying for a school or group we’ll always do some research for you and find something suitable for what you want.

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Telephone: 01639 282706