All-in-One Waterproof Suits for Your Child - How To Chose


Children love playing and exploring outdoors, and rarely let anything spoil their fun. When it rains, puddles become prime jumping spots, while in the snow there are entire families of snowfolk waiting to be built.

There is no need to let a bit of rain or cold weather stop kids from being active, especially when the UK is prone to cold and wet spells. In Scandinavia, schoolchildren in Forest Schools are encouraged to play outside every day, no matter the weather.

Why not invest in a good waterproof suit for your little one? The Adventure Togs team has put together a list of points to consider when choosing the right waterproof clothing for your child.

Go for maximum cover

Waterproof one-piece suits – also known as all-in-one suits, waterproof onesies or splash suits – offer head-to-toe cover and prevent cold from entering through gaps that are normally present in separate items of clothing. They are also often more cost-effective and available in a range of fabrics. As such, all-in-one waterproofs are often preferred over a combination of jacket and trousers.

Check the seams

Choose a 100% waterproof suit with taped seams, which are vital for preventing water from getting in through the stitching.

Is it breathable?

Ideally, waterproof suits for kids should be breathable. If the item of clothing is non-breathable, active kids can become hot and sweaty.

Windproofing or weatherproofing?

If you’re after a suit to keep the rain out and your little one dry, a waterproof material is essential. For longer trips in colder weather, a suit that is both waterproof and windproof will help to keep your child warm. Good quality windproof clothing should be well-insulated and breathable.

Teflon coating for protection against dirt

Look out for Teflon-coated fabrics, such as Togz kids’ waterproof suits, which do not allow mud and dirt to penetrate the fabric.

Don’t forget watertight zips

A waterproof urethane coating on the suit will keep the rain out, but your child could still get wet if the zips aren’t watertight. Watch out for suits with waterproof zips, especially long body ones that make it easier to put it on and remove it.

Is it adjustable?

Ensure the ankles and wrists of the suit are elastic or adjustable for a better fit. There’s nothing worse than water seeping in through sleeves or wind blowing up hems.

Lightweight & foldable

When shopping for a waterproof suit, go for a lightweight fabric and a foldable design. This makes it easier to pack and store away in a backpack, when rain is forecast later in the day!

Will your kids want to wear it?

Choose an all-in-one suit in bright and fun colours, preferably with reflective safety strips, so your kids will be happy to wear the suit.

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